Mold & Mildew Repair


Both mold and mildew are a fungi. Mold is a long term fungi and mildew is a short term growth(days). The fungi is typically found in wet areas.

In both cases our company has always taken the greatest precautions in completely removing the affect mold/mildew areas and properly deposing of it.

Moisture Test

These are test given to check a structure for moisture. If moisture and only moisture is detected it can be removed, replaced, or dried depending on the level of saturation.

Humidity Test

These observations monitor the relative humidity in the air. If the relative humidity is over 50% than there is too much moisture in the air and may cause mold or mildew. Dehumidifiers are to be used to correct the problem and bring your RH back to a normal 30-50%. Dehumidifiers are also used to extract moisture from.

Lead and Asbestos Test

These tests are taken by removing a minor piece or pieces determined by the size of the space of a structure to identify if the structure contains lead or asbestos.

Air Quality Test

Testing refers to asbestos, lead, and mold/mildew(tested by spore count from exterior to interior difference). If air quality is positive for any of these toxic substances, the space must be wiped down with specific antimicrobials as well as air scrubbed with a HEPA air scrubber.

Testing for mold and mildew

How to know when tests are positive?


Spore Counts: If your interior spore counts are more than 10x your exterior count, you have an unnatural spore count and the property is facilitating microbial growth.

Asbestos and Lead Testing

Once hard samples of material/structure that are assumed to have asbestos or lead are taken to the lab to be observed, it will be a simple “Detected” or “Non-Detected” on test results. If a sample has any percentage of asbestos or lead it is Positive/”Detected”.

Please note that if a structure is positive for asbestos or lead then that structure has to be abated in lieu of a professional demolition.

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