Water damage can be a complex situation if not resolved immediately. Hydro Restoration is able to quickly mobilize and set up equipment, we can assist with property insurance related claims. Our unmatched customer service and knowledge in restoration will ensure a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Water Losses

In case of a plumbing leak, roof leak, or sewage leak please call a specialist like ourselves immediately. Although a water loss can be a clean water loss, if the water is to in anyway come in contact with toxic material this can become a very harmful substance. If possible please find the shut off valve and turn off the water till we arrive.

H20 101 – What to Look For

3 Basic Categories of Water

Category 1

“Clean Water”, refers to losses associated with appliances leaking, such as tub drains and plumbing supply lines.  A loss of sanitary source and contains no risk unless water comes into contact with unsanitary items, structures, or material.

Category 2

“Grey Water”, refers to losses containing any and all microorganisms prevalent in water. This class requires immediate attention due to health related risks. Examples may include water leakage from toilet bowls (urine/no feces) and leaks from dishwashers or washing machines.  Contains contamination and may cause discomfort or sickness if contacted by humans. May contain but is not limited to sewage & micro-organisms

Category 3

“Black Water”, refers to losses associated with sewage, diseases or fungi. These can arise from natural water areas, sewage related lines, and ground surface water. Quick and immediate action is needed to ensure proper safety, due to health concerns and sanitary conditions. Grossly contaminated and may contain toxic or harmful agents. May contain, pesticides, heavy metals, or toxic substances.

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4 Classifications of Water Loss

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